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Valuable War Relic. 405

They did duty at times in the field, were on duty at Wilmington, North Carolina, and served at Fort Harrison, below Richmond. AVhen the city was evacuated they went out with Custis Lee'? troops, and after the surrender Major Boggs unbuckled his sword, donned the uniform of a soldier of the cross, rejoined the Methodist Con- ference, and is now in charge at Suffolk, Virginia. He was a brave officer, and is greatly beloved as a parson.

Of the particular company, whose muster roll is described, but little can be gathered now of the living members. The command was composed of men from Richmond county, Richmond city, and eastern North Carolina.


The following is a complete roll of Company D, Twelfth Battalion Light Artillery, Major Frank J. Boggs, commanding, alluded to in the above letter :

Captain, Lewis H. Webb. First Lieutenant, Malcolm D. McNeal. Junior First Lieutenant, Henry R. Home. Third Lieutenant, Archibald McNeal.

Sergeant Major, Malcolm McMillan, Richmond county. North Carolina.

Quartermaster-Sergeant, John A. McAlpine, Richmond, Virginia.


First, Alexander Stuart, Richmond, N. C. Second, William Long, Richmond, N. C. Third. John T. Gibson, Wilmington, N. C. Fourth, James W. Home, Richmond, Virginia.


First, John W. Snead, Richmond county, N. C. Second, W. W. Dankins, Wilmington, N. C. Third, Alexander Mclntyre, Wilmington, N. C. Fourth, A. G. McKithan, Wilmington, N. C. Fifth, D. M. McNeil, Jr., Richmond county, N. C. Sixth, Maltia Hoge, Richmond county, N. C. Artificer, H. W. Gibson, Wilmington, N. C. Artificer, B. F. Carter, Richmond county, N. C. Bugler, James H. Brant, Richmond county, N. C.