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126 Southern Historical Society Papers.

George A. Means, Berkley Monroe, Edward Nevitt, and others, Sixth Virginia Cavalry; of Lieutenants W. H. Kirby, Ball, Sewall, Wil- liams, Terrett, and others, Company I, Eleventh Virginia Cavalry; of Lieutenants Fox, Dulany, Underwood, Davis, Simpson, Gooding, Mayhugh, and others of Mosby's command; of Major Charles E. Ford, Posey, and Wells, of the artillery; of Major Alfred Moss, Captains James W. Jackson, Washington Stuart, and others; of Commodore Muse and Surgeon Mason, of the Navy.

" These are but a handful of dust,

In the land of their choice, A name in song and story,

And fame shouts her trumpet voice, Dead, dead on the field of glory."

And now, respected and beloved ladies of the Memorial Associa- tion, permit me, on behalf of the Monument Association, to present this monument to you in your keeping, and may you never cease to cherish this as sacred to the memory of those sleeping patriots; and may this shaft always prove an object lesson to which you may point the youth of our country in pride, and bid them emulate the example of their fallen countrymen."

The monument was received by General W. H. F. Lee, who repre- sented the Ladies' Association, in a feeling address.

Hon. James L. Gordon, of Albemarle, then read the following


"They died in a dream, it is said, for whom is riven

The veil from the granite's gleam; But surely never on earth to man was given

The gift of a grander dream ; For they dreamed that Truth from her long, long sleep was waking,

That the skies of Time were red With Freedom's dawn at last on their people breaking,

And they died thus comforted.

Theirs was the dream that through the old earth's long story,

Wherever man's hope may be, Has dazzled his eyes and thrilled his soul with its glory

The dream of a people free ! And these died with the gleam of that dream upon their faces,

With liberty's martyr'd sons.