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190 Southern Historical Society Papers.

marched upon the stage in the following order: Rozier Zouaves, Hibernian Rifles, Bluff City Zouaves, Maurelian Cadets, Jones Cadets and the Chickasaw Guards.

The officers of the ceremonies were:

Hon. Josiah Patterson, master of ceremonies.

Vice- Presidents Mr. Joseph Flynn, Captain L. B. McFarland, Mr. Luke E. Wright, Mr. J. A. Taylor, Captain J. Harvey Mathes, Mr. W. A. Collier, Colonel R. Dudley Frayser, Mr. James E. Cleary, Mr. John Linkhauer, Mr. J. H. Martin, Mr. T. B. Gurley, Mr. Napo- leon Hill, Major T. H. Hartmus, Hon. E. S. Hammond, General A. J. Vaughan, Dr. G. B. Thornton, Hon. T. W. Brown, Hon. J. S. Galloway, Hon. M. C. Gallaway, Captain W. W. Carnes, Mr. Henry Buttenberg, Mr. Z. M. Estes, Mr. B. Vaccaro, Major B. J. Semmes, Mr. W. J. Crawford, General M. T. Williamson, Major R. J. Person, Captain E. A. Cole, Mr. J. M. Keating, Hon. J. Montedonico, Col- onel C. M. Heiskell, Hon. Martin Kelly, Mr. F. R. Brennan, Hon. J. W. Clapp, Major G. W. McRae, Captain H. C. Warriner, Mr. W. H. Carroll, Mr. Holmes Gumming, Mr. John W. Cochran, Colonel C. W. Frazer, Mr. A. D. Gwinn, Major J. J. Murphy, General James R. Chalmers, Mr. A. J. McLendon, Mr. P. M. Winters, Mr. Thomas H. Allen, Sr., General R. F. Patterson, Mr. Fred Wolff.

The programme of ceremonies, as follows, was commenced a little after 8'oclock:

1. fi Repose in Peace " (paraphrase) Arnold's Orchestra.

2. Opening Remarks By the Chairman.

3. Prayer Rt. Rev. C. T. Quintard.

4. " Nearer, My God, to Thee ". Choir and Orchestra.

5. Memorial Address Hon. Luke W. Finley.

6. " How Blest The Righteous When He Dies" Choir and Orchestra.

7. Oration Hon. T. B. Edgington.

8. "Asleep in Jesus " Choir and Orchestra.

9. Oration General George W. Gordon.

10. " Rest, Spirit, Rest " Choir and Orchestra.

11. Oration Hon. Casey Young.

12. " St. Cecilia Hymn Navarro.

Arnold's Orchestra.

13. Benediction Rev. M. N. Long.

14. " Bereft " Lenox.

Arnold's Orchestra.

It had been announced that Hon. Isham G. Harris would preside over the exercises, but as he had been called unexpectedly to New