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358 Southern Historical Society Papers.

purposes set forth in the annexed paper, as modified, and to elect


3. That this organization be retained on its present basis, and that the officers shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treas- urer, and Executive Committee, resident in the State of Virginia, and a Vice-President in each of the Southern States.

4. That each Vice-President shall be ex-officio president of the auxiliary Slate society, and is requested to organize the same and the affiliated local societies.

5. That the Secretary shall receive a salary to be fixed by the Executive Committee.

6. That the Society adopt some financial scheme to raise funds to carry out the purposes of the organization and the publication of its historical material.

7. That the fee of annual membership be three dollars, and of life membership fifty dollars.

8. That the publication of the material collected be made either by means of a magazine, or by occasional volumes of transactions, as may be found most expedient.

9. That the Society, as soon as reorganized, proceed to enroll members and to extend its membership.

10. That in all questions touching the organization of the Society, when a division is called for, the vote shall be taken by States, and each State shall be entitled to two votes.

The following is the paper referred to in the second resolution, being the general outline for the original organization of the Society, as modified by the convention:

The Southern Historical Society is organized with the following general outline :

A parent Society, to hold its seat and its archives in the city of Richmond, Virginia, with affiliated societies to be organized in all the States favorable to the object proposed; these in their turn branch- ing into local organizations in the different townships forming thus a wide fellowship of closely co-ordinated societies, with a common centre in the parent association in the said city.

The object proposed to be accomplished is the collection, classifi- cation, preservation, and final publication, in some form to be here- after determined, of all the documents and facts bearing upon the eventful history of the past few years, illustrating the nature of the struggle from which the country has just emerged, defining and vin-