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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Under his editorial conduction the publication in monthly numbers of The Southern Historical Society Papers was commenced in January, 1876. Thus, six semi-annual and six annual volumes—1879-1884 were issued. The monthly publication was discontinued with the number for December, 1884. Dr. Jones edited subsequently two annual volumes.

In 1883 the offices of Secretary and Treasurer were separated, and Hon. George L. Christian was elected to the latter office, which he still holds.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Society held June 25, 1887, Dr. Jones, "having accepted the position of Assistant Secretary of the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention," tendered his resignation as Secretary of the Society, which was accepted. July 14 following, the present Secretary was elected. With the present volume he has edited four volumes of The Southern Historical Society Papers, making eighteen in all, which have been published. The Society has had some vicissitudes in its fortunes, and at the time of the resignation of Dr. Jones as Secretary he held quite positively that it would be extremely hazardous for the Society to attempt to print another volume. The present volume is partly paid for, and it is hoped that its cost will be entirely met with the collection of outstanding subscriptions. All previous volumes have been paid for, and incidental expenses met, without diminution of the endowment or building fund, which is $4,000. The most pleasant and mutually helpful relations have been maintained by the Society with the United States War Record Office, and full access to the archives of the Society also afforded to the recently constituted United States Naval Records Office at Washington, D. C.

Its agent. Captain H. B. Littlepage, spent several weeks in selecting material, which was subsequently copied. Grateful acknowledgment is due Major George B. Davis, United States Army, and General Marcus J. Wright, formerly of the Confederate Army, for constant courtesies and invaluable assistance afforded the Southern Historical Society.

The Legislature, by an enactment, having made doubtful the tenure of the Society of the room which it occupied in the Capitol, the Secretary, through kindly furtherance of the Honorables Lyon G. Tyler and William Lovestein of the House of Delegates and of the Senate of Virginia, respectively, secured the passage of the following, February 23, 1888: