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Company D, Eighteenth Virginia Infantry. 121

J. B. Glenn, who left an arm at Boonsboro', delivered an address of welcome. Lieutenant J. P. Glenn, whose bravery and heroism was displayed on near a hundred battle-fields, offered thanksgiving and prayer.


Mr. Charles Glenn gave a graphic history of the company from its formation to its surrender. On its flag may be inscribed Manassas, Germantown, Fairfax, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Mal- vern Hill, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg and Get- tysburg, and many other names famous in our history.

Captain E. G. Wall, who organized the company and lost a leg while commanding it, wrote from Richmond, at the Retreat, express- ing regrets at his enforced absence.

Lieutenant A. B. Carrington laid down his life at Games' Mill. The other lieutenants who went out with them, C. A. Price and J. P- Glenn, yet live.


It was remarked that of the one hundred names found on the roll- book of the company, from first to last, fifty eight are now living, despite the decimations of war and the stalking disease and infirmities of age, although thirty years have elapsed.


You will save to history what may otherwise be lost if you pub- lish the following names of those who were members of this company :

Captain E. G. Wall, First-Lieutenant A. B. Carrington,* Second- Lieutenant C. A. Price, Third-Lieutenant J. Peyton Glenn, G. W. Adams, A. W. Brightwell, C. W. Brightwell, C. T. Brightwell,* T. H. Brightwell, J. P. Brightwell,* Ad. Brightwell, C. T. Baldwin,

C. Brisentine, Benjamin Birsch,* Joseph Binford, J. G. Brown,* I. I. Cheedle, E. A. Chick, Buck Carter,* Daniel Carter,* John T. Carter,* Alexander Carter, J. C. Cunningham, Isaac Cunningham,* Burley Coleman, W. J. Davis,* S. B. Drinkard, S. A. Daniel, John Drinkard,* G. W. Elam, Ed. Ellett, William England,* Charles Fore,* Frederick Fore, John Fore,* S. T. Fuqua, William Foster,

D. Ferguson, C. E. Glenn, I. S. Glenn,* J. B. Glenn, Rice Gilleain, John W. Gilleain, R. Gilleain, Charles Gilleain, Van Gilleain, James

  • Died in service.