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206 Southern Historical Society Papers.



i6th July, 1864. Captain B. L. FARINHOLT,

Commanding at Staunton River Bridge :

Captain : Your report c-f the repulse of the enemy by the forces under your command on Saturday, 25th ult., at Staunton River bridge has been received. Please express my thanks to the men and officers engaged for the gallantry and determination with which they repelled every assault of the enemy. I regret the painful wound of Colonel Colem'an, of the Twelfth North Carolina, who exhibited such a noble example of patriotism and bravery in leaving home, though wounded, and taking an active part in the defence of the post.

Thanking you for the skill and conduct with which you have exe- cuted the charge committed to you, I am very respectfully your obe- dient servant,

R. E. LEE, General



DANVILLE, June 2j, 1864. Captain FAIRINHOLT,

Commanding Staunton River Bridge :

Captain: I beg leave to offer you my congratulations on the very handsome and successful defence of your position against a largely superior force of the enemy.

The service you have rendered will be highly appreciated by the whole country.

I am glad to know that some of the companies from this place contributed so essentially to the result.

Please send me an accurate list of the causalities of the command as soon as you can, and a detailed account of the whole affair. Pre- sent to the officers and men of your command my high appreciation of the service rendered, and my confident belief that the next party of raiders will give them a " wide berth."

I learn that you have captured a considerable number of repeat- ing rifles, if so you can turn one over to me. I should be glad to get one.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

R. E. WITHERS, Colonel Commanding Post.