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How Major J N. Opie Led a Charge. 251

afforded you the opportunity to render such distinguished service to your country, and to the cause of justice and true liberty. Lift up your hearts in sincerity and truth, that the words of your mouth may be acceptable in the sight of the Lord, your Saviour and vindicator. In his infinite mercy and goodness the most blessed and glorious Lord God has preserved your life from every harm. When death- shots were falling around you thick and fast and heavy, He rescued you from the jaws of fearful destruction. Let us, therefore, humbly present ourselves before His Divine Majesty to offer the sacrifice of grateful praise and adoration, remembering in your prayers your own individual preservation, and forgetting not the sufferings of your wounded officers and companions in arms, and the sorrows of the afflicted friends and relatives of those who have gallantly fallen upon the altar of their country."

Hereupon followed suitable prayers](original and from the Book of Common Prayer) of Thanksgiving for the victory; of supplication in behalf of the wounded, and the bereaved friends and relatives of the heroic dead; and a general prayer in behalf of the Confederate States, their rulers, and their valiant men of war all falling to the deck upon their knees and bowing their heads in reverance and godly fear. During this solemn and most impressive scene, while the earnest voice of the young divine was pouring forth eloquent words of gratitude and praise into the ear of the Lord God of Sabuaoth, the weather beaten faces of many of the gallant seamen were observed to be bathed in tears, and trembling with emotions. Surely, I thought, as I turned away from such an affecting scene, God cannot refuse to accept such an act of thanksgiving; our cause cannot but prosper when the men who are engaged in it recognize the hand of the Almighty in each event, and trust entirely to His guidance, pro- tection, and blessing.


]From the Richmond Dispatch, November 29, 1891.]


A Graphic Story of a Dash Through the Federal Cavalry at Brandy Station.

What I relate are facts which actually befell me ; no shenanagin about it. The greatest cavalry battle ever fought on the American continent took place at Brandy Station on the gth of June, 1863.