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254 Southern Historical Society Papers.

To get information to answer this question we wrote to General Marcus J. Wright, agent of the War Department, in the collection and compilation of Confederate records, and he answered as follows:



The questions propounded by your correspondent are difficult, and in the present light of official information cannot be answered accu- rately.

We know of but one official statement of the forces of the Con- federate army ever made. This was a report of General S. Cooper, adjutant and inspector-pneral, made march I, 1862. The total of Confederate forces as reported by him at that date, including armed and organized militia, was three hundred and forty thousand two hundred and fifty grand total officers and men.

I think it probable that the Confederate Government had more troops at that date than at any time during the war.

In this report Virginia has three battallions for the war fifteen hundred; for twelve months, seventy-one regiments and nine battal- ions, two regiments, a number of battalions of artillery, and, in the language of the report, " many independent companies, nine regi- ments, and one battalion cavalry, &c." Virginia militia is put down at seven thousand, making a grand total of fifty-five thousand four hundred and fifty of regular troops (for twelve months and the war) and seven thousand militia.

Tennessee is credited in this report with one regiment for the war, fifty-three twelve-months' regiments, one regiment and eleven bat- talions of cavalry, and a number of artillery companies.

I give you the two highest.

The best estimate which has been made of the total number of Confederate troops during the war is from six to seven hundred thousand.

As to what State lost the most in killed, wounded, and missing during the war I cannot answer. When all the reports, which will be published in the War Records volumes, which have been obtained shall be published an approximate estimate may be made.

Very truly yours,