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The Virginia Military Institute. 273

the defense of the South and his native State. In severing his con- nection with the Union army, he fully and entirely withdrew his alle- giance and loyalty from the Union and gave it with sincerity and devotion to the South, and from the beginning to the end he labored and fought for the independence of the South, the sovereignty of the States and the freedom of the people. He distinguished himself by zeal and gallantry as a member of the military family of our immor- tal chieftain, General Robert E. Lee, as brigadier- general and chief of artillery of the Second corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, he received the commendations of his commanding general, the ad- miration of the army, and the gratitude of the people. When for- tune withheld her favor, and fate gave the victory to our enemy, General Long still adhered with loyal faith to the cause and to the people with whom his fortune had been cast; and, when afflicted and broken in health and overhung by the gloom of physical blindness, he scanned the past with a mental vision of rare intensity and bright- ness, and collected and arranged a record of the events of that great war, which will go down through the ages as a monument to his genius and a glorious defense of the people whom he so loyally and earnestly served.

Resolved, That these resolutions be spread on the minutes of this meeting, and that the secretary be instructed to send a copy to the widow and family of General Long.

The committee who drafted these resolutions were Hon. P. W. McKinney, chairman, and Messrs. Thomas L. Rosser, and John B. Purcell.

Attest :

THOMAS ELLETT, Secretary of the Association Army of Northern Virginia.

[From the Richmond Dispatch, October 14, 1891.]


Its Visitors and Staff Academic and Military 1848-1861 Associates of General T. J. Jackson.

SPOKANE FALLS. To the Editor of the Dispatch :

Will you inform some friends of your paper who were the profes- sors at the Virginia Military Institute in the years 1848, 1849