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288 Southern Historical Society Papers.

7. Commanders of corps shall be authorized to administer to sub- ordinate commanders the following oaths (the form of oath is not given), and they in turn shall administer them to each recruit.

The outer page of Captain Allen's "Plan" bears the following memorandum:

Plan of escape from Johnson's Island prison drawn by myself but before any action was taken, the Governor-General of Canada, informed Lord Lyons, British Minister at Washington, of a plot forming in Canada by the companions and friends of the Confeder- ate States Army for our rescue, and he informed Mr. Seward, Secre- tary of State of the United States. The Island was strongly fortified and the garrison greatly increased, so that all hope from that source had to be abandoned.

Mr. Seddon, Secretary of War of the Confederate States, in- formed me after I got home, that had the news of the " Canada Plot" been delayed two days longer, the fleet from Canada would have at- tempted our deliverance.

December 17-19 [1863], our plan of organization was com- pleted, a few days after this plan of escape was written.


February 8, 1863, Captain Allen records the organization of the Order of the Brotherhood of the Southern Cross ; its object that of union amongst the officers and men of our army, and Major General J. R. Trimble, of Maryland, was elected General ; Colonel John Critcher, of Virginia, Lieutenant- General ; Colonel Miles, of Louis- iana, Colonel Cantwell, of North Carolina, Colonel Maxwell, of Florida, Colonel Shannon, of Texas, Colonel George, of Alabama, Colonel George, of Tennessee, Colonel D. H. Smith, of Kentucky, Colonel L. M. Davis, of Missouri, General Beall, of Arkansas, Gen- eral Archer, of Maryland, Colonel Provence, of South Carolina, [rank or official position not stated] Major Hall, company secretary, Captain L. W. Allen, of Virginia, recording secretary, Captain W. F. Dunnaway, of Virginia, assistant secretary ; Colonel Wood, of Alabama, Treasurer; Captain T. E. Belts, of Virginia, assistant treasurer.