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406 Southern Historical Society Papers.

7. Georgia soldiers who served in Virginia. They bravely de- fended the old Commonwealth, and were sometimes captured them- selves by her fair daughters. Adjutant-General John Milledge.

8. The Confederate Veterans. True in war, true in peace, they hail with a special pride and greet with peculiar joy this natal day of the great Confederate chief. Colonel W. L. Calhoun.

9. The bar. In peace, in war, and in the halls of national legisla- tion. Of the law no less can be said than this : " That her seat is in the bosom of God, and her voice the harmony of the universe.'* Hon. Hoke Smith, editor of the Journal.

10. The Sons of Confederate Veterans. May they ever be true to the principles for which their fathers fought, bled, and died. Hon. Benjamin M. Blackburn, editor of the Herald.

11. " Old Virginia. Brag." Sometimes fervent, always overdone, but ever excusable, because we have something to brag on in the hallowed traditions, glorious history, grand men, and noble women of the peerless old Commonwealth. Dr. J. William Jones.




[The following article chiefly condensed from the noble oration of Hon. John W. Daniel before the General Assembly of Virginia, Jan- uary 25, 1890, was sent to the editor by the chivalric Major Schei- bert, in extracted pages from the Annual Register of the German Army and Navy, December 1891, in which other articles contributed by him and herein referred to, also appeared.

The tone of the article and some of its definite expressions would indicate that the character of Mr. Davis and the cause and exempli- fication of the South in the recent war between the States is justly estimated in Germany. The editor is indebted to his friend, Mr. Samuel H. Pulliam, of this city, for the translation.]

"He swayed States, and led the soldiers of the Union and he stood accused of treason in a court of justice.