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38 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Tailoring Establishment. Division 22 Griggs & Church, suc- cessors to Beval, Bowman & Church, are prepared to execute all kinds of fashionable tailoring at reasonable rates, at their shop, S. E. corner, upper tier of bunks. Call soon, as a stich in time saves nine.

Division 32. Washing and ironing done with care and prompt- ness by Davenport & Boswell. S. G. Davenport, Captain Ga. B. I.; I. C. Boswell, Captain 23d Ga. R. I.

Barber Shop. Division ^z Shaving, shampooing, hair-cutting, dyeing and hair- dressing done up in the latest style. Choice selec- tion of perfumes on hand. Broughton & Walker.

Dental Card. Lieutenant R. F. Taylor can be found at all hours. Division 28.

Music. Instructions given on the guitar by T. Gordon Bland, Lieutenant loth La. Cavalry. Call at Division 26, S. E. corner, first tier.




Proprietors and Editors:

George S. Thomas, Captain 64th Ga., Div. 24; W. H. Bennett,

Captain and A. C. S., Div. 24; A. Harris, Lieutenant

3d Fla., Div. 28.

Saturday, April 8, 1865.


There are more than sixteen hundred officers in our barracks within an enclosure containing scarce five acres of ground.

One would suppose that the fact of so many men being thus crowded together would tend to create the greatest amount of sociability and afford unrivaled facilities for forming and cementing- extreme personal friendships.

But there seems to be as much isolation of individuals and .as many little cliques and communities as in large cities of the world outside.