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Confederate Veterans of Virginia.

Adjutant-General, Captain Thomas Ellett, Richmond, Virginia.


Comrade James N. Stubbs, Wood's Cross Roads, John R. Cooke Camp, Gloucester county, Virginia.

Comrade J. E. Rockwell, A. P. Hill Camp, Petersburg, Virginia.

Camps Composing the Grand Camp, their Location, Commanders,
with Post-Office Address, are as follows:

No. 1. R. E. Lee, No. 1, Richmond, Virginia, T.P. Pollard.

No. 2. D.H. Maury, No. 2, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Thomas F. Procter,

No. 3. Pickett-Buchanan, Norfolk, Virginia, Walter F. Irvine.

No. 4. Stonewall, Portsmouth, Virginia, R.C. Marshall.

No. 5. R.E. Lee, No. 2, Alexandria, Virginia, William A. Smoot.

No. 6. A.P. Hill, No. 6, Petersburg, Virginia, W. Gordon McCabe.

No. 7. Clinton-Hatcher, Leesburg, Virginia, E.V. White.

No. 8. Sam. Garland, Lynchburg, Virginia, Kirk Otey.

No. 9. George E. Pickett, Richmond Virginia, R.N. Northen.

No. 10. R.E. Lee, No. 3, Hampton, Virginia, A.S. Segar.

No. 11. Urquhart-Gillette, Courtland, Virginia, L.R. Edwards, Franklin, Virginia.

No. 12. John R. Cooke, West Point, Virginia, H.M. Miller.

No. 13. William Watts, Roanoke, Virginia, S.S. Brooke.

No. 14. John Bowie Strange, Charlottesville, Virginia, J.M. Garnett.

No. 15. Pierre Gibson, No. 15, Culpeper, Virginia, D.A. Grimsley.

No. 16. Callcote-Wrenn, Isle of Wight Courthouse, Virginia, N. F. Young.

No. 17. Ewell, Prince William county, Virginia, H.F. Lynn, Catharpin, Virginia.

No. 18. J.E.B. Stuart, Reams' Station, Virginia, M.A. Moncure.

No. 19. Thornton-Pickett, Farmville, Virginia, S.W. Paulett.