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8 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Camp 113. Colorado, Texas; L. H. Weatherly, com.; med offi., J. M. Pearson ; members, 37 ; disabled, 2.

Camp 114. Fayettville, Term.; James D. Stillman, com.; med. offi., A. M. Hall, Sept., 1861 ; members, 113; disabled, 9; indigent, 7; deaths, i.

Camp 115. Meridian, Texas; Capt. Robt. Donnell, com.

Camp 116. Hamilton, Texas; Capt. W. S. Saxon, com.

Camp 117. Goldthwaite, Texas; Maj. J. E. Martin, com.

Camp 118. Brownwood, Texas; Capt. Carl Vincent, com.

Camp 119. Gainesville, Texas ; Capt. J. M. Wright, com.

Camp 120. Mississippi City, Miss.; Eliott Henderson, com.; med. offi., W. F. Spence, M. D.; hosp. steward ; members, 60; disabled, 2.

Camp 121. Mt. Pleasant, Texas ; Capt. C. L. Dillahuntz, com.

Camp 122. Belton, Texas; Maj. J. G. Whitsitt, com.; med. offi., Dr. G. H. Tend, 1864, surgeon; members, 625; disabled, 18 ; deaths, 6.

Camp 123. Buffalo Gap, Texas; Capt. Ben. F. Jones, com.

Camp 124. Bryan, Texas; Capt. H. B. Stoddard, com.

Camp 125. Vernon, Texas; Capt. S. E. Hatchett, com.

Camy 126. Ladonia, Texas; Capt. G. W. Blakeney, com.; med. offi., M. D. Drake, 1863, lieut. ; members, 125 ; indigent, i; deaths, 2.

Camp 127. Graham, Texas; Capt. A. T. Tray, com.

Camp 128. Madisonville, Texas.

Camp 129. Denton, Texas; Capt. Hugh McKenzie, com.

Camp 130. Forney, Texas; Capt. T. M. Daniel, com.; members, 60; disabled, 2; deaths, 4; widows, 2.

Camp 131. Tupelo, Miss.; Gen. Jno. M. Stone, com.; med offi., W. H. Hunter, M. D., 1862, asst. surgeon; members, 100.

Camp 132. Marianna, Fla.; Capt. N. J. Barnes, com.

Camp 133. Canton, Texas ; Capt. T. J. Fowler, com.

Camp 134. Franklin, Tenn.; Capt. B. F. Roberts, com.

Camp 135. Gatesville, Texas; Jno. M. Brown, com.; members, 287; disabled i; deaths, 5.

Camp 136. Hempstead, Tex.; Capt. V. B. Thornton, com. ; med. offi., J. H. Morrison ; members, 140; deaths, 2.

Camp 137. Clinton, N. C.; R. H Holliday, com.; med. offi., A. M. Lee; asst. surgeon; members, 24; deaths, i.

Camp 138. Lubbock, Texas; W. D. Crump, com.

Camp 139. Russleville, Ky. ; Maj. J. B. Briggs, com.

Camp 140. Quincy, Fla. ; R. H. M. Davidson, com.

Camp 141. Crockett, Texas; Enoch Braxson, com.