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10 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Camp 173. Tullahoma, Term.; J. P. Bennett, com.

Camp 174. Paducah, Ky.; W. G. Bullitt, com.

Camp 175. St. Augustine, Fla.; J. A. Enslow, Jr., com. ; med. offi., Wm. F. Shine, M. D., Sept. 12, 1861, major; members, 24.

Camp 176. Yager City, Miss.; S. D. Robertson, com.

Camp 177. Oklahoma, Okla.; J. W. Johnston, com.; med. offi., A. J. Beale. May, 1862, captain; members, 80; deaths, 3 ; Home, Jacksonville, Fla.

Camp 178. Berwick, La.; M. W. Bateman, com.; members, 31 ; disabled, i.

Camp 179. Booneville, Miss.; D. T. Beall, com.

Camp 180. Macon, Miss.; H. W. Toote, com.

Camp 181. Richmond, Va.; Gen. Alex. W. Archer, com.

Camp 182. Monroe, La.; W. R. Roberts, com.

Camp 183. Oakley, La.; W. S. Peck, com.

Camp 184. West Point. Va.; H. M. Miller, com.; med. offi., W. C. Nunn, June i, 1861-5, colonel; members, 41 ; disabled, i; deaths, i ; Home, Richmond, Va.

Camp 185. Campbell, Texas; R. W. Ridley, com.

Camp 186. Winchester, Ky.; B. F. Curtis, com.

Camp 187. Nicolasville, La. ; Geo. B. Taylor, com.; med. offi., Charles Mann; members, 17.

Camp 188. Frankfort, Ky. ; A. W. Macklin, com.

Camp 189. Grenada, Miss.; J. W. Young, com.; med. offi., Dr. G. W. Trimbell; ist lieut. ; members, 23; disabled, 3; deaths, 3.

Camp 190. Rolling Fork, Miss.; J. C. Hall, com.

Camp 191. Charleston, Ark.; A. S. Cabell, com.

Camp 192. Centre Point, Ark.

Camp 193. Lake Providence, La.; J. C. Bass, com.

Camp 194. Greenwood, Ark.; Dudley Milbu/n, com.

Camp 195. Oakville, Texas; C. C. Cox, com.; members, 24; deaths, i.

Camp 196. Thibodeaux, La.; Maj. S. T. Grisamore, com.; mem- bers, 60; diaabled, 2.

Camp 197. Houston, Texas; Will. Lambert, com.; med. offi., R. G. Turner; surgeon; members, 140; disabled, 2; deaths, 2; Home, Austin, Texas.

Camp 198. Emma, Texas; Jno. W. Murray, com.

Camp 199. Hackett City, Ark.; L. B. Lake, com.

Camp 200. Norment, Tex.; T. J. Johnson, com.

Camp 201. Mt. Sterling, Ark.; Thomas Johnson, com.