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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Vol. XXII. Richmond, Va., January-December. 1894.


Lt. -General Leonidas Polk at Cassville.


In the last volume of Southern Historical Society Pa A jrs (XXI), pp. 314- 321, there was republished from the New Orleans, La., Picayune, of Oct. 22, 1893, an article under the above caption.

To this article Major-General S. G. French took exceptions in a reply, published in the Picayune, of Dec. 28, 1893.

It is the mission of the Southern Historical Society to seek the truth as to every detail in the grand struggle of the South, and to place it upon record in its Papers.

The reply of General French is from a corrected copy, considerately fur- nished by him.

General French desired the statement, to be made in this connection, that his Division was composed of the brigades of Generals Cockrell, Sears and Ector.

He continues: " I had placed Cockrell's brigade on a range of hills early in the afternoon; now, when General Johnston formed his line of battle, Cockrell was already there, and as he was not moved, Canty's division was placed on Cockrell's right. The line of battle being thus formed, I was ordered, at 4 o'clock P. M., to fall back from the east of Cassville, and form my two remaining brigades in rear of Cockrell's brigade and Canty's division; but, inasmuch as General Hood's corps did not join or extend to Canty's right, I placed in this interval a half of Ector's brigade, holding the other half and Sear's brigade in reserve. Thus my division was sepa- rated by Canty's division, and Canty's troops formed a part of my com- mand."

WINTER PARK, FLA., Dec. 12, 1893. Editor Picayune:

A few days ago a friend sent to me a copy of the Weekly Pica- yune of Oct. 26 last, containing an article headed "Reminiscences