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Medical Officers of Army of Tennessee. 211

GUNN, WILLIAM, Assistant Surgeon. Sept. 30, '63, ryth Missis- sippi Regiment.

GUPTON, A. J., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to rank Feb. 16, '62. Dec. 31, '63, 426 Tennessee, Jan. '64, transferred with command from Department.

GARNETT, C. L. , Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War July 13, '63, to rank April 10, '63, to report to Medical Di- rector Ramsay. Passed Board at Richmond April 10, '62. Sep. 30, '63, to April 30, '64, 54th Virginia Regiment.

GRIMBALL, L. M., Assistant Surgeon. May 31, '64, ist and 3d Florida Regiments.

GRIFFIN, I. G., Assistant Surgeon. May 31, '64, 42d Georgia Regi- ment.

GOODWIN, W. C., Assistant Surgeon. June 30, '64, 3d and 5th Missouri Regiment. October, transferred to Virginia by order of Secretary of War.

GORDON, W. A., Surgeon. June 30, '64, ist and 3d Missouri Reg- iments, Headquarters A. T., Tupelo, Miss. Jan. 9, '65, ordered to report to his command.

GURLEY, J. J., detail. July 31, '64, Hampton's Cavalry, August, '64, transferred from Department with Brigade.

HAMILTON, ROBERT D. , Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War Dec. 4, to rank from Aug. 16, '62. Dec. 31, '62, Surgeon in charge of Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, Jan. 21, '63, trans- ferred to Department of East Tennessee.

HAMILTON, PAT. H., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by. Secretary of War to rank from June 30, '62. Dec. 31, '62, Cleveland, Jan. 10, '63, ordered to report to Surgeon Stout by Surgeon Foard, put on duty at Rome, Ga., Feb. 14, '63. July 8, '63, relieved at Rome, ordered to report to General Forrest, Aug. 31, '63, nth Tennes- see Cavalry. Jan. 8, '64, released with nth Tennessee Cavalry and ordered to report to General Hindman, commanding corps, July 31, '64. 43d Georgia.

HARDEN, W. P., Surgeon. Dec. 31, '62, Empire Hospital, Atlanta, May 31, "63, July 8, '63, Empire Hospital.

HAMBLETON, J. P., Surgeon. Dec. 31, '62, Atlanta, Ga. Resig- nation accepted by Secretary of War, Dec. 22, '62.

HATCHER, ALFRED A., Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War April 17, '62. Dec. 31, '62, i6th Tennessee Regiment. May 4, transferred to McCown's Division by General Polk, Oct. i, '63, ordered to report to officer commanding McNair's Brigade.