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Qfiicert of Army of lennesset. 228

its vice-presidents and chairman of the section on surgery, and is also a member of the American Medical Association, and of the Ninth International Medical Congress. He was one of the first physicians and surgeons in the State to successfully open the abdo- men for the relief of intestinal obstructions, and for the treatment of wounds of the intestines. It has also fallen to his lot to be called upon to perform the important operation of lithotomy upon his own father, a feat that no other surgeon, the writer knows of, has performed. Some of the most successful and honored mem- bers of the medical profession in southwestern Texas have read medicine in his office; amcng the number may be mentioned the late Drs. G. W. Kerr, of Waelder ; J. J. Atkinson, of Yorktown; Patton, of Sweet Home ; Roger Atkinson, of San Marcos ; Brown King, of Rancho ; W. A. King of Lavernia, and Lee Roy Beach, of Houston. Dr. Jones was married in 1867 to Miss Mary Ken- non Crisp, daughter of Dr. John A. Crisp, a wealthy planter of Colorado county, Texas, and formerly an eminent practitioner of West Tennessee and North Mississippi, who emigrated to South America at the close of the war, and died in Brazil July 8, 1888, in his ninetieth year. Dr. Crisp witnessed the abolition of slavery both in the United States and Brazil. Dr. Jones' family consists of his accomplished wife, two daughters and three sons. He has prospered, amassed a handsome fortune, and resides in an elegant home. Constantly occupied by the demands of an extensive practice he has found little time to write; nevertheless, he has con- tributed liberally to Texas surgery, and had written some valuable papers that have been published. He is of medium size, five feet eleven inches in height, weighs one hundred and sixty pounds, has brown hair and dark hazel eyes, is retiring and studious in dispo- sition, and like most of the descendents of the old families of the South, is fond of fine horses and field sports. He is a devout churchman, and has long been a warden of the Church of the Messiah, Gonzales.

JONES, ALFRED, Assistant Surgeon. Passed Board Dec. 2, '62. Dec. 31, '62, i7th Tennessee Regiment, Oct. 31, '63, 1710 and 23d Tennessee Regiments.

JONES, DAVID C., contract $80, made by John M. Johnson, June 16, '62. Dec. 31, '62, Atlanta, Jan. 31, '63, Roy Hospital, Atlanta, Ga. Contract cancelled Jan. 31, '63.

JONES, W. B., Assistant Surgeon. Dec. 31, '62, 4ist Georgia Regiment, transferred to Stevenson's Division.