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Report of Surgeon-Gen. Jones of the f r . c. \'. 17

labors in behalf of the sacred rights of the Southern States. The fact that the Southern cause was lost does not the less entitle the Confederate Veterans in any and every corps, medical, as well as infantry, artillery and cavalry, to the gratitude and lasting expression of honorable consideration of their fellow citizens. These appoint- ments are intended to interfere in no manner with the appointments already made by the commanding general, the division commander, and by the various camps to the medical corps. The camps of the United Confederate Veterans will swell the numbers to nearly 470, and this increase justifies the appointment of these distinguished gentlemen, to whom the Confederate Veterans may appeal in the progress and suffering and the inevitable infirmities of age. I re- gard this subject, General, as one of great importance, and worthy of your immediate attention. As you are well aware, I have labored incessantly during the past four years for the organization, develop- ment and advancement of the medical corps of the late Confederate States Army and Navy, and now confidently appeal to the command- ing General of the United Confederate Veterans for his enlightened and kind support in the appointment to responsible positions of the learned and skillful physicians whom I have named. I take the liberty of inclosing a specific form of the order confirming the appointment of the gentlemen just specified, which you are respect- fully requested to sign at your earliest convenience and return to the Surgeon -General of the U. C. V.

With great respect and high esteem, I have the honor to remain, General, your obedient servant,


Surgeon- General, U. C. V.


Relating to the Organization of the Medical Corps of the United Confederate Veterans.

NEW ORLEANS, March 9, 1894.

I. The appointment of the following named officers, with the rank, respectively, of Brigadier-General, Colonel and Lieutenant-Colonel, as indicated by Surgeon -General Joseph Jones, is hereby confirmed by the commanding general without predjudice to existing appoint- ments. The arrangements by the surgeon-general of the depart- ment is done by him solely for the use of the medical corps of the