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54 Southern Historical Society P<r/ r&

G. W. Morris, James Fox, William L. Smith, A. M. Atkinson,* William R. Atkinson, William J. Baker, William A. Brown, James R. Bush, John W. Bush, C. C. Brooke, W. A. Blankinship, A. P. Chalk,* S. J. Childrey, G. T. Catlett,* A. M. Duke* R. A. Day * F. P. Galley, J. B. Gathright* J. H. Gill, J. T. Gentry,* M. W. Hazel- wood, J. A. Hardie,* Thomas Hardin,* P. H. Hall, J. W. Herbert, John Kane, G. W. Manning, W. H. H. Mason, A. L. Morris, A. H. Mountcastle, W. H. Manning, G. W. Richardson, H. Schwalmeyer, H. T. Scherer, J. F. Seigle, T. E. Valentine,* J. V. Willis, W. H. Wise, John R. Wyatt, John W. Waters, W. D. Brown, John E. Parrish, R. O. Burch, A. C. Ellington, J. T. Schwalmeyer, P. H. Wright, J. S. Willis, W. R. Smith, A. J. Dugar, D. H. Alley, James Burley, Alvin Jude.

[From the Richmond, Va., Star, July 21, 1894.]


Col. W. R. Aylett's Address Before Pickett Camp

In Behalf of a Monument to the Women of the Southern Confederacy.

The following eloquent and touching address was delivered by Colonel William R. Aylett before Pickett Camp of Confederate Veterans, in Rich- mond, on the evening of July 2, 1894. A fitting memorial in this our "City of Monuments" to the sublime devotion of our noble women, is assured in the pledge of the Richmond Howitzers, and will, ere long, be a grand realization.

On the evening of October isth an entertainment was given in Frede- ricksburg, Va., to raise funds to erect a monument to the memory of Mrs. Lucy Ann Cox, who, "at the commencement of the war, surrendered all the comfort of her father's home, and followed the fortunes of her husband, who was a member of Company A, Thirteenth Virginia Regiment, until the flag of the Southern Confederacy was furled at Appomattox. No march was too long or weather too inclement to deter this patriotic woman from doing what she considered to be her duty. She was with her company and regiment on their two forays into Maryland, and her ministering hand car- ried comfort to many a wounded and worn soldier. While Company A was

  • Died since the war.