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Sketch of /f(ii-l.-/>rit/t/i' Ar//'/ltr'/.


/'n' rates.

Agner, JuM-ph S.

Heard, William B.

I)i-<-ki'nl>rough, Willoughby N.

Coffee, Whitfield A.

Conner, John

Craig, John B.

D.i\is, Mark

Dudley, Ro. M.

Ford, James A.

Gold, John M.

Harris, Alexander

Hosteller, George W.

Lepard, James N.

Lewis, Ro. P.

McCampbell, David A.

McCluer, John G.

Moore, John D.

Morgan, George W.

Phillips, James H.

Raines, Archibald G.

Silvey, James A.

Smilh, Joseph S.

Thompson, John A.

Trevy, Daniel J.


Ayers, Napoleon B. Bane, Samuel R. Bumpus, William N., Jr. Conner, James A. Conner, Ro. P. Curran, Daniel Doran, John Ford, Henry F. Gibbs, John T., Jr. Gordon, William C. Harris, Bolin Johnson, William F. Lewis, Henry

Leyburn, John (acling surgeon.) McCampbell, William A. Montgomery, William G. Moore, Samuel R., Jr. O'Rourke, Frank Rader, Daniel P. Rhodes, Jacob N. Smilh, Adam Strickler, James A. Thompson, Samuel G. Wallace, John Samuel A.

All the men and officers, except the captain, were enlisted in Lexington by Captain McCausland, on April 29, 1861, excepting, also, William M. Brown, who seems to have enlisted at Harper's Ferry on 22d May.

The company remained in Lexington about ten days, drilling assiduously with muskets, or with ihe field-guns belonging lo ihe Virginia Military Institute.

Some of the survivors may recall amusing incidents of those early days such as Hosteller's bringing down his musket, at ihe com- mand "order arms," on ihe loes of Hide Henry Ford, and ihe lalter's unsoldierly and profane exclamation, which shocked his comrades, ihe more as iheir caplain was a clergyman. The caplain had a sense of ihe ludicrous, as well as conviclions in regard lo pro-