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Southern Historical Society Papers

roll which contained all their names, and what distribution of them was made, was lost. The new pay-roll was made from memory, hence this roster is probably not complete. The asterisk (*) affixed to names, indicates those who were present at the surrender as members of this company.† Some of its members were absent, sick, or wounded; and many whose names appear were present, but belonged at the time to other commands:

The first captain, William N. Pendleton

Adams, Thomas T.

  • Adkins, Blackburn
  • Agner, Augustus W.

Agner, John T. (or D. )
Agner, Jonathan
Agner, Joseph S.

  • Agner, McD.

Agner, Samuel S.
Alexander, Edgar S.
Alexander, Eugene
Alexander, John McD.
Anderson, Samuel D.

  • Armistead, Charles J.

Arnold, Abner E.
Ayers, Napoleon B.

  • Bacon, Edloe P.
  • Bacon, Edloe P., Jr.

Bacon, Philip E., Jr.

  • Baldwin, William Ludlow

Bane, Samuel R.

  • Barger, William G.

Barton, David R.
Barton, Robert T.
Beard, John R.
Beard, William B.
Bedinger, George R.
Bealle, Jesse T.
Bell, Robert S.

  • Black, Benjamin F.

Blackford, Launcelot M.

  • Blain, Daniel

Bolling, William H.
Boteler, Alexander R., Jr.
Boteler, Charles P.

  • Boteler, Henry

Boyd, E. Holmes
Brockenbrough, J. Bowyer
Brockenbrough, Willoughby N.
Brooke, Pendleton
Brown, Henry C.
Brown, John L.
Brown, John M.

  • Brown, John M., Jr.

Brown, William M.
Bryan, Edward

  • Bumpass, William N., Jr.

Burwell, Lewis P.

  • Byers, G. Newton

Byrd, William H.
Careen, William

  • Carson, William

Caruthers, Thornton R.
Chapin, William T.
Clark, James Gibson
Clark, James Gregory
Coffee, Whitfield A.

  • Cooke, Richard D.
  • Compton, Robert K.

† There were also eighty-one privates present with the battery, who were paroled. For their names, see "PAROLES OF THE ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA," Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XV, pp. 33-34.—ED.