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Battle of the Cuter, July 30, 1864. Strength of company, 41;

t-iit, 22; sick, 6; wounded, 4; detail, 6; eaptun-d, i ; under arrest, 2; killed, 2; wounded, 3, conspicuous for gallantry, 2. Returned to ounpaiiy l>y the Medical Examining Hoard, i Returned to camp and remained there untill August igth, when we were ordered to advance and engage the enemy near Johnson's farm, three miles from Peters- burg. The 6ist Regiment had engaged 150 muskets, 15 ambulance men and 19 officers. The Regiment had killed, 7; wounded, 55: missing, 14: total 76. Strength of company, 38; present, 17; sick, 7,; wounded, 5; detail, 6; captured, i; under arrest; 2. Killed, i; wounded, i; captured, 5; conspicuous for gallantry, i.

August 21, 1864. All the ambulance men, quarter-master's men, sick, wounded, cooks, &c., of the Regiment, were armed and placed in the trenches to protect Petersburg from an attack.

August 24, 1864, took up line of march and proceeded to the rail road, and bivouacked on Armstrong's farm. August 25, engaged the enemy near Reams' Station, on the Petersburg and Weldon Railroad.

Battle Reams' Station, August 25. Strength of company, 37; present, 13; sick, 6; wounded, 4; captured, 6; detail, 6; under ar- rest, 2.

August, 26, 1864, returned to camp and remained untill October 26, 1864, when we took up the line of march and proceeded to the Plank Road to Buggies mill, and engaged the enemy on the 27th instant.

Battle Burgess' Mill, strength of company, 38; present, 20; sick, 4; wounded, i; captured, 6; detail, 4; on leave, 2; under arrest, i; conspicuous for gallantry, i; killed, i; wounded, i; captured, 3; deserted, i; returned by Medical Examining Board, i. Captain John Hobday was killed, which promoted Lt. C. W. Murdaugh to Captain.

After a five days tramp on a total ration of 2^ pounds of meal, we arrived in camp ist November, 1864. Went into winter quar- ters December 7, 1864, and remained inactive untill February 5, 1865.

February 6, 1865, Battle of Hatcher's Run. Strength of com- pany, 35; present, 14; absent, sick, 6; captured, 10; detail, 3; on leave, 2.

The fight between Petersburg and Appomattox.