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Pell, Thomas, captured August 19, 1864, and not exchanged.

Peek, Ammon, captured October 27, 1864, and not exchanged.

Ribble, Joseph, furnished substitute May 6, 1862. substitute de- serted May loth.

Rodman, Pierce, discharged September 1861, disability.

Sibley, William, captured July 1863, in Pennsylvania, and never heard from.

St. George, William E., captured July 2, 1863, Gettysburg, not exchanged.

Smith, W. J., died in Richmond May 20, 1863.

Tompkins, Joseph.

Toppin, Smith, promoted Sergeant, killed July 30, 1864, Crater.

White, John D., woundeed July 30, 1864, Crater, and discharged December 23, 1864, disabled.

White, Richard, wounded seriously, July 30, 1864, at the Crater, discharged January 9, 1865, disabled.

Ward, Julius, killed July 2, 1863, Gettysburg.

Whitson, William, discharged September, 1861, disabled.

Wise, Stephen, died in hospital, 1863.

Youre, Stephen.


We were in twenty-five battles, in which the killed were 8; Captain John Hobday, October 27, 1864, at Burgess Mill. Private Wm. F. Butt, May 12, 1864, Spotsylvania C. H.; Private Revil W. Custis, July 4, 1863, Gettysburg. Sergeant M. P. Kilgore, July 30, 1864, Crater. Private Charles W. Collins, August 19, 1864, Johnson's Farm. Johnson Ward, July 4, 1864, Gettysburg. Wm. Mason, Appomattox C. H., 1865. Sergeant Smith Toppin, July 30, 1864, Crater.

Died in Hospital: Privates John Ferrell, Richmond Battery, June 10, 1862; S. D. Manning, Petersburg, September, 1862; B. F. Not- tingham, Brandy Station, Orange and Alexandria R. R., October, 1862; Wm. J. Smith, Richmond, May 21, 1863.

Died in Prison: Elias W. Cherry, 1864, sent to hospital at the evacuation of Norfolk, Va. ; George W. Barcroftand D. W. Horton.

Who offered Substitutes: L. Berkley, Wm. A. Jackson, Augustus Evans, and Joseph Ribble.

Discharged from service previous to evacuation Norfolk : Privates Peirce Rodman and Wm. Whitson, and Corporal Geo. Ogelvie.