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212 Southern Historical Society Papers.

nioted to lieutenant; Calhoun, Adam; Calhoun, John; Creacy, John, a gallant man, promoted to lieutenant, wounded, and captured at Gettysburg; Cronin, S. D. ; Crumby, John, discharged; Dickerson, John T. ; Dixon, John T. ; Daniels, George C. , wounded at Gettys- burg; Driscoll, C. , killed at Gettysburg; Ellington, Branch, killed at Cold Harbor, June, 1864; Elliott, Robert, killed at Gettysburg; Gaines, John C. ; Gaines, William B. , wounded at Sharpsburg; Green, William T. ; Guill, John, died since the War; Garrison, John R. ; Garrison, Joseph; Hill, James R. ; Holt, Thomas, killed in seven-days' fight before Richmond; Holt, R. I., killed in seven-days' fight before Richmond; Holt, John Lee, killed at Gettysburg, 1864; Holt, J. P., killed at Dairy's Bluff, 1862; Holt, R. M., wounded at South Mountain, 1862; Holt, B. N. M., wounded at Five Forks, 1865; Harvey, Wyatt C., teamster; Hamlett, E. W. ; Hamlett, Jesse; Harvey, W. D. , died since the war; Harvey, Thomas, died since the war; Hardiman, John E. , wounded at Gaines's Mill and at Gettysburg; Hammersley, Richard, wounded at Gettysburg; Hamlet, Thomas; Irwin, Powhatan I.; Johnson, Clemm; Johnson, J. R. ; Kearsey, John, died in Richmond, 1861; Lawson, Thomas G. , wounded at Gettysburg; Leadbetter, R. T. ; Lester, H. F. ; Lester, T. Parker, dead; Lester, W. Tal.; Mason, Andrew, killed in seven days' fight, first death in the company; Mason, Tobe, killed at Gettysburg; Mason, Alpheus, dead; Mason, Big Daniel, dead; Mason, Hillery, dead; Morton John A.; Overstreet, W. R., killed at Hutchin's Run; Pugh, Presley A.; Pryor, Samuel, dis- charged; Ramsey, Samuel W. , killed at Hutchin's Run; Rash, James A.; Smith. James L. , wounded at Second Battle of Manassas; Smith, John M., died 1862; Smith, W. G., dead; Smith, Edward, dead; Smith, William Henry; Smith, Lea, killed at Gettysburg; Sharpe, Josiah; Steele, Pete, wounded at Fort Donelson and Gettys- burg; St. John, Alexander, killed at Gettysburg; Thomas, Rice, killed at Fort .Donelson, first man killed in the company; Trent, Booker, died 1862; Vaughan, Merritt, died 1862; Williams, W. W., died since the war; Williams, Charles B., died since the war; Wil- liams, Thomas, died during the war, at Gettysburg; Williams, C. W. ; Williams, A. L. P. , gallant color-bearer at Gettysburg, wound- ed, and captured there; Wilkes, B. Calvin.