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I have tin- honor to !><, with the highest ( onsideration, your obe- dient


This appeal was not in vain. ( )rders were issued from the Con- script office to Captain Laiulis, the district enrolling' officer, to grant the exemptions requested. Col. Peter Mallett, the commandant of coiiM-ripis, in communicating the information to Governor Swain says: " In performing this duty, Governor, I must express to you the great gratification and interest felt in perusing the report, which will be tiled at this office with pride as a North Carolinian, as a relic rather than as a public document."

Hut this exemption did not relieve all the necessities of the Insti- tution. On the 5th of March, 1864, the trustees instructed Governor Manly their secretary, to forward a second petition, praying for the exemption of the Freshman and Sophomore classes. It is as fol- lows:

HON. JAMES A. SEDDON, Secretary of War.

The trustees of the University of North Carolina at a late meet- ing adopted the resolution, a copy of which is hereto attached, marked A, to which I beg leave to invite your attention.

By a report made to the Executive Committee of the trustees, Governor Swain, the President of the University the composition of the four classes are as follows:

There are nine (9) members of the Senior Class; of these, two (2) have joined the army, two have substitutes, two have seen hard service in the army, one is under eighteen years of age and one per- manently disabled.

Junior Class, consisting of fifteen members; of these, seven have substitutes, five have been in the army, two are under eighteen years of age, and one, F. R. Bryan, is dead. This class at the close of the Sophomore year numbered thirty, all of whom, except fifteen named above, are supposed to be in the army.

These two classes were heretofore, by your kind favor, granted permission to finish their collegiate course, which the Senior Class will have accomplished by the first Thursday in June next.

Sophomore Class. This class at the end of its Freshman year, numbered twenty-four; of these sixteen are supposed to have entered

  • Printed in Mrs. Spencer's Last Ninety Days of the War in North Caro-

lina, pages 257-260.