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The Cumin rl>lii, I (,'r-ti/tt, Co/H/Hlltl/ D.

Sergeant M. J. Dunkum, died since the war; lost a leg at Brandy Station.

Sergeant W. S. Anderson, died at Valley Mountain. Sergeant Bolden Brown, died in 1862. Sergeant D. M. Coleman, killed at Fisher's Hill. Corporal W. M. Cooke, wounded; died since the war.


Ayres, T. J., wounded; died since the war.

Anderson, Meredith, killed at Kernstown.

Austin, M. G. , wounded at Gettysburg, and died.

Booker, Charles W. , died since the war.

Baughan, W. L., died since the war.

Baughan, William, died in 1862.

Baughan, David, killed at Gettysburg.

Baughan, Robert, mortally wounded at Petersburg.

Cooke, S. W., wounded at Mine Run and died since the war.

Coleman, W. D., killed at Monocacy, Md.

Coleman, W. A., died at Staunton in 1862.

Creasy, Edward, killed at the Wilderness in 1864.

Cunningham, W. H., died in prison.

Dowdy, John M., died in 1861.

Dowdy. E. E., died in 1862.

Dowdy, John D. , died in prison.

Dowdy, James, killed at Cedar Mountain.

Dowdy, Wilson M., while in the hospital at Winchester, in 1862, hearing that his company was in a heavy engagement, seized a mus- ket, and running at a double-quick, fainted, fell, and in two days a little mound was raised to mark the spot where this gallant soldier sleeps.

Dunford, John F. , killed at Gettysburg.

Edwards, Thomas, died in hospital.

Flippen, Charles, killed at Kernstown.

Flippen, J. T., wounded at Chancellorsville, and died since the war.

Flippen, Allen, died in 1862.

Flippen, William, died in 1861.

Godsey, Daniel L., died since the war.

Garnett, Robert K., killed at Gettysburg.