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.'is 4 Souflii-ni Historical Soaety Paper*.


Is that all ? Was duty naught ?

Love and Faith made blind with tears ? What the lessons that they taught ? What the glory that they caught

From the onward sweeping years ?

Here are they who marched away, Followed by our hopes and fears;

Nobler never went than they

To a bloodier, madder fray, In the lapse of all the years.

Garlands still shall wreathe the swords

That they drew amid our cheers; Children's lispings, women's words, Sunshine, and the songs of birds Greet them here through all the years.

With them ever shall abide

All our love and all our prayers. ' What of them ? " The battle's tide

Hath not scathed them. Lo, they ride Still with Stuart down the years.

Where are they who went away,

Sped with smiles that changed to tears ? Lee yet leads the lines of gray Stonewall still rides down this way; They are Fame's through all the years.