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C and I, 40 men; Companies E and K, 155 men, arriving early on the morning: of the 3Oth; Company B, 51 men. Total, 246 men.

Artillery Beaufort, 4 guns, 100 men; Lafayette, 4 guns, 135 men; Bachman's, 4 guns, 90 men 325; and arriving early on morning of 30th, Karle's Battery, 4 guns, 90 men; total, 415 men. Total cav- alry and artillery, 66 1.

With the uncertain movements of the enemy's vessels in Broad river, some of them mistaking Boyd's Landing and even higher up the river opposite " Mackay's Point," it was necessary to leave a garrison at "Old Pocataligo," and Bachman's battery was left there 90 men Captain W. K. Bachman, commanding.

The works at " Bee's creek " had to be garrisoned, as it was four miles, left-in-front, of our lines at Honey Hill, and protected one of the approaches to' the railroad. The following assignments were made at this point: Beaufort Artillery, 25 men, i gun; Lafayette Artillery, 40 men, 2 guns; surplus artillerists (Lafayette) 60 men, equipped as infantry. Total 125.

Bolan's Causeway, leading from the "church" on the enemy's left-centre on the Savannah turnpike, to the right and rear of Honey Hill breastworks, was guarded by one gun from the Beaufort Artil- lery, and 25 men. Total 240 men.

These dispositions of our limited forces left for duty at Honey Hill 246, 3d South Carolina cavalry, and 175 artillerists 421 men.

Two companies of the 3d South Carolina cavalry had only recently been transferred to Georgia to augment the forces in front of Gen- eral Sherman's march, and a fourth, Company K, was on its way to Georgia when halted at Grahamville, S. C., on the 29th.

Having enumerated the disposition of the limited forces present for duty, my further purpose is simply to narrate events as they oc- curred on the 29th, and to show in the order of happening what was done that day in preparation for the impending battle on the 3Oth.

Between 8 and 9 A. M., when the fog lifted, the vedettes at and near Boyd's discovered very unexpectedly the vessels of the enemy moving up Broad river to that deep water landing. Lieutenant T. Heyward Howard, Company C, 3d South Carolina cavalry, was offi- cer of the day, and promptly sent a courier to district headquarters at (irahamville, announcing the presence of the enemy in force.

Lieutenant E. W. Fraser reports receiving the information at 10 A. M .. and adds: "As Assistant Adjutant I it iieral of the 3rd military district, I left in charge of headquarters at (irahamville, by Col-