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14 Southern Historical Society Papers.

captured; we learn that he has since died. Ran. Hutchinson, of our staff, is missing, supposed to be captured. I was not present at the fight, or the stampede, .our ordnance trains being ordered down after the success of the morning, starting from Mt. Jackson about 5^ P. M., but before getting to Woodstock, about ioV P. M., we were ordered back and kept on to Rude's Hill, the quartermaster train following soon after. Estill and I stayed at Edinburg that night and joined our divisions next morning as they passed through. The troops came back that day (Thursday) to their old camps near New Market and we came back here. It was quite humiliating to come back up the Valley after another thrashing, but we are getting use to them now. We did, however, gain a brilliant victory in the morn- ing, and if we had only kept on, we might have reaped the fruits of it. We have been here since last Thursday evening, nothing of interest occurring. The men have been coming in and we have been arming and equipping them slowly. Spent Friday at Headquarters reading Yankee mail; rode over there again Saturday. Sunday went to church in New Market. Spent Monday and Tuesday in camp. What will we do next ?


Thursday, November 3d, 1864.

Spent last week in camp, riding occasionally to division Head- quarters and to General Early 's Headquarters to see Colonel Allen. Issued some stores the last of the arms on Sunday. Walked into town to church Sunday. After church went to camp with Holmes Boyd and Neep Baldwin and dined with them. Witnessed guard- mounting in Terry's brigade; went to division Headquarters, and then to town with Whiting to get the mail, and then to church. On Monday evening walked with Estill over to Allen's. Wrote also one or two reports on Monday. Tuesday wrote another report. In evening rode over to division Headquarters and witnessed dress parade, the band playing a dirge for Major-Generals Rodes and Ramseur. Tuesday was observed in our division in memory of these officers, the chaplains preaching. Yesterday changed camp and moved up here. Quite a good camp, though not so convenient. Have many unarmed men, and wish we could get arms and ac- coutrements.