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apparent, and the movement might be increased in importance as the result might appear to justify.

General Lee to General } Urges that Corse's Brigade be sent to

Samuel Cooper, A. A. " Pickett's Division," not needed where

(7. , June 23, i '863, Page it is, especially if the plan of assembling

925. an army under Beauregard at Culpeper

C. H. is adopted.

General Lee opposite Wil- \ If the plan I suggested the other day of /iamsport, June 25, organizing an army even in effigy under 1863, page 930, to Da- Beauregard at Culpeper C. H., can be I't's. carried into effect, much relief will be af-


If even the brigades in Virginia and North Carolina, which Generals D. H. Hill and Elzey think cannot be spared, were ordered there at once, and General Beauregard were sent there, if he had to return to South Carolina; it would do more to protect both States than any- thing else.

General Lee, Williams- \ It seems to me that we cannot afford to port, June 25, 1863, to keep our troops awaiting possible move- Davis. ments of the enemy, but that our true

policy is, as far as we can, to employ ouJ own forces as to give occupation to his, at points of our selection. * * I feel sure, therefore, that the best use that can be made of the troops in Caro- lina and those in Virginia now guarding Richmond, would be the prompt assem- bling of the main body of them together with as many as can be drawn from the army of General Beauregard at Culpeper C. H., under the command of that officer. It should never be forgotten that our concentration at any point, com- pels that of the enemy, and his numbers