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to me, who has been assoi -iatnl with it siiuv its incipiency, is of peculiar and tender interest like to a mother who quicks the totter- ing footstep of her child until by increased growth and strength it walks alone, and who with pardonable pride and ambition looks for- ward to a still greater and fuller development of the loved one. It is most gratifying to me, as I am sure it is to each of you, to have listened to the comprehensive and interesting reports of our officers and chairmen of committees, as it is only by this means that we can fully realize what we have accomplished in the past year. To you ladies I wish to express my deep appreciation of your unswerving faithfulness in the capable discharge of your duties, and to the society at large my kindliest feelings and thanks for their co-operation and the encouragement given me. And more pleasing than all it is for me to record the perfect harmony that has existed between us during my entire term of office extending over a period of two years. I can only wish you. my successor, the same happy experience which has heen mine.

The annual


was then declared in order, and Mrs. Dickson was gracefully honored with a renomination. In a few pleasant remarks Mrs. Dickson thanked the Chapter for the honor conferred upon her, but declined the norninatiou, expressing her belief in rotation in office.

Mrs. Alclen McLellan, wife of General Alden McLellan, President of the Soldiers' Home, and one of the most lovable women in the Chapter and a most devoted worker, was then put in nomination for the Presidency and unanimously elected.

In a few pleasant remarks Mrs. McLellan expressed her apprecia- tion of the high honor conferred upon her.

Miss Kate Eastman was elected First Vice- President; Mrs. J. R. Powell, Second Vice-President; Mrs. J. B. Ferguson, Recording Secretary; Miss Sallie Owen, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. D. A. S. Vaught was appointed Chairman of the Historical Committee; Mrs. F. G. Freret, Chairman of the Soldiers' Home Committee; Mrs. William H. Dickson, Chairman of the Credentials Committee, and Mrs. Theodore Maginnis, Chairman of the Design Committee.

The hearing of reports and election of officers being finished, the remainder of the session was devoted to exercises in which the most beautiful and touching tributes were paid to the memory of General Lee. If the North courted protest it certainly got it, for never were