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98 Southern Historical Society Papers.

serted a momentary sway. The warrior in him awoke for one brief instant ere the light of eternal peace cast all earth into shadow.

"Bring up the troops," he said, "Let A. P. Hill prepare for action."

And so he passed away ! And all the world were poorer for his death; but all mankind were richer by the legacy of a blameless life and a deathless example.

And blessed among nations that State to whom not once but twice such noble models have been given.

"Virginia's History is a sea Locked in by lofty land ! Great Pillars, as of Hercules, Above the shining sand I here behold in majesty Uprise on either hand:

These Pillars of our History, In fame forever young, Are seen afar from every clime, And known in every tongue; And down through all the ages Their story shall be sung.

The Father of his Country, Towers above the land-locked sea, A glorious symbol to the world Of all that's great and free; And to-day Virginia matches him With the stately form of Lee.

And here to-day, my countrymen, I tell you Lee shall ride With that great ' rebel ' down the years- Twin ' rebels ' side by side ! And confronting such a vision All our grief gives place to pride.

Those two shall ride immortal, And shall ride abreast of Time ; Shall light up stately history And blaze in Epic Rhyme Both patriots, both Virginians, true ; Both ' rebels '; both sublime !"

And should our children, and our children's children, apply to