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176 Southern Historical Society Papers.

upon the altar of their Southern homes and firesides, with the in- junction of the Spartan, to "return with their shield or on it."

By some good luck I preserved this list (in pencil), and although nearly effaced, I hasten to send it to you, that the "art preservative of all arts" may transmit it as a reminiscence of the glorious past, rilled with grandeur and pathos, without a solitary regret.

Perhaps the roster of Company C would be comfortable reading for the present generation in and about old Williamsburg.

The accompanying list of names suggests much that is mingled with a sense of joy and sadness. When the war bugle's blast was heard through our land, these boys were among the first to put on their armor. The opportunity to maintain their prestige, for really they felt that the mantle of their fathers had fallen upon their shoul- ders, was cheerfully accepted.

Colonel Joseph V. Bidgood, of your city, has reminded me of some facts I had quite forgotten. When Dr. Pettit, adjutant of the Thirty-second, was killed at Sharpsburg, Mr. Bidgood was promoted from sergeant-major to adjutant.

I observe that of the list Colonel W. Miles Cary is a resident of your city, basking on the hillsides of mature thought, waiting to hear the " keel strike on the other shore."


Officers J. A. Henley, captain; W. H. E. Morecock, first lieu- tenant; H. M. Waller, second lieutenant; Dr. Leonard Henley, third lieutenant; Octavius Coke, orderly sergeant; Parke Jones, sec- ond sergeant; J. F. Bowery, third sergeant; R. L. Henley (late county judge), fourth sergeant; W. T. Christian, fifth sergeant; W. E. Moss, color-bearer; A. J. Hof heimer, first corporal; R. A. Bow- ery, second corporal; W. W. Lee, third corporal; W. H. Barlow, fourth corporal.

Privates Thomas Mercer, W. H. Pierce, John Pierce, John H. Dix, J. H. B \rlow, Jr., T. J. Barlow, R. G. Barlow, G. O. Ball, J. V. Bidgood, William Burke, R. Barham, W. Miles Cary, J. W. Clarke, C. B. Coakley, R. Crandall, Thomas. C. Carrington, G. W. Clowes, J. A. Davis, J. W. Davis, S. N. Deneufville, Henry L. Dix, W. C. Durfey, W. F. Gilliam, W. G. Gatewood, Benjamin Gilliam, R. J. Griffin, J. R. Harwood, J. M. Johnson, G. W. Jackson, H. T. Jones, Jr., J. C. Lucas, W. H. Lee, Edward M. Lee, Edward Henley Lively, Robert Allen Lively, R. C. Lawson, L. Lukehard,