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Company G, Twenty-sixth Virginia Regiment.

John Colly; died at home.

James Colly; living.

Charles Collier; died at home.

Frank Carter; died at home.

Robert Carter; died at home.

W. S. Courtney, captured at Petersburg, June 15, 1864; living.

Levi Carlton; died at home.

William B. Carlton; living.

Ira Carlton; died at hospital.

Junius A. Davis; died at home.

Joseph A. Davis; living.

Albert Davis; died at home.

Robert D. Diggs; living.

John Donavan; living.

Joseph S. Estis; dead.

Frank B. Estis; died at Elmira, N. Y.

Archy H. Eubank; living.

Dunbar Edwards; died at hospital.

Alfred Edwards; killed at Petersburg, June 15, 1864.

John H. Eager; living.

Richard Garrett; died at Elmira, N. Y.

Thomas C. Garrett, captured at Petersburg, June 15, 1864; died at home.

Augustus Garrett; living.

John Gaines; died at home.

Ben. Groom; died at hospital.

George Gibson; killed at Howlett House, May 18, 1864.

John C. Gibson; living.

Adolphus Gibson; killed at Petersburg, May 18, 1864.

B. E. Guthrie; died at home.

Charles H. Huckstep; died at hospital.

Allen Hilliard; died at home.

William H. Hurtt; died at Elmira, N. Y.

William Hogg; died at home.

Joseph N. Knapp; living.

Joseph Landrum; died at Soldiers' Home.

Myrick Newcomb; died at Elmira, N. Y.

William A. Murphy; died at hospital.

John Marshall; died at Elmira, N. Y.

Joseph G. Norman; living.

Richard Ogleby; died at Elmira, N. Y.