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Rest at Ml. Jackson. 323

B. T. Heatvvold, company F, i3th Virginia regiment. J. W. Woods, company E, 37th Virginia battalion. Charles B. Glasscock, company B, 2oth Virginia battalion. Thomas F. Scott, company G, 52d Virginia regiment. John Vaughn, company D, I4th Virginia regiment. I. C. Perry, company G, nth Virginia regiment. Lieutenant R. P. Hefner, company G, 26th Virginia battalion. Joseph B. Gaines, company L, 53d Virginia regiment. R. Steele, company G, 6oth Virginia regiment.

F. Belton, company F, 23d Virginia battalion.

W. H. Home, company C, i4th Virginia regiment. J. H. Austin, company D, 5th Virginia regiment. H. H. Propst, company F, 62d Virginia regiment. John Rolison, company K, 22d Virginia regiment. J. W. Kessucker, company E, 2d Virginia regiment. Jesse Moss, company G, 5ist Virginia regiment.

G. Richardson, company E, 4th Virginia regiment. G. W. Massie, company D, 45th Virginia regiment. W. H. Battle, company I, 6th Virginia cavalry.

R. Lawson, i4th Virginia cavalry.

C. C. Brown, i6th Virginia cavalry.

Lewis Hammock, Jackson's Horse artillery.

William Barton, Braxton's artillery.

Captain W. L. Hardee.

C. J. Vacas.

J. W. Walton, Fry's battery.


R. T. Cruise, company E, 26th regiment. N. C. Hawis, company C, 23d regiment. Harry Amos, company L, 2ist regiment. Alfred Brown, company G, 3oth regiment. Wesley Brown, company G, 3Oth regiment. John Bowers, company F, 5th regiment. James L. Hardister, company I, 5th regiment. J. F. Page, company E, 3yth regiment. Moses EHen, company D, 23d regiment. John A. Hollen, company E, 2d regiment. B. G. Hatcher, (Latham's Artillery).

Lieutenant D C company D, i6th regiment.

F. O. White, company A, 2oth regiment.