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  • / ,// Mt. Jackson. 325

J. F. Cox, company H, i4th regiment. Wiley Suggs, company F, I4th regiment. James Snow, company I, i8th regiment. James Gough, company C, 2d regiment. R. Doughtry, company F, 2d regiment. J. C. Rogers, company D, yth regiment. William Dunlap, company A, 4ist regiment. Enos Britt, company I, 23d regiment. H. F. Roberts, company H, 54th regiment; . B. F. Joiner, company H, I2th regiment. V. Carld, company F, 5yth regiment. William G B , company A, 3d regiment. I. I. Bryant, company G, 5th regiment. R. Venable, company F, 23d regiment. L. Smith, company C, 2d regiment. Daniel Payne, company A, yth regiment. D. R. Cadgett, company E, i8th regiment. J. M. Helly, 57th regiment. H. C. Greeson, company A, i3th regiment. J. R. Jones, company G, i4th regiment. Green B. Little, company H, ist regiment. J. Sheffner, company K, 57th regiment. Solomon Hunt, company K, 6th regiment. L. Lechman, company F, 4th regiment. W. A. Vaughan, company F, 53d regiment. I. Dunn, company D, ist regiment. G. Ramsey, 54th regiment. V. Carle, 57th regiment.


H. H. Saxin, company E, loth Alabama regiment. Wiley M. Hall, company B, isth Alabama regiment. Benjamin Rice, company I, 4Oth Alabama regiment. B. Bush, company E, 3d Alabama regiment. P. M. Robertson, company K, 48th Alabama regiment. I. S. Howard, company H, 48th Alabama regiment. Jackson Hix, company A, i5th Alabama regiment. Thaddeus Harper, company B, i5th Alabama regiment. W. T. Crow, company I, Qth Alabama regiment. W. H. Weaver, company F, I5th Alabama regiment.