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328 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Daniel Burnett, company E, 2yth regiment.

J. W. Adams, 2d regiment.

Charles Bramlett, company G, 3d regiment.

George Ford, company F, 23d regiment.

Benjamin Freeman, I3th regiment.

H. D. Hodell. company C.

George W. Ford, company F, 23d regiment.

F. J. Hancock, company H, 2oth regiment.

A. B. Bigger, company A, ist regiment.

J. T. Cront, company K, 2Oth regiment.

Mathew Jones, company D, 2nd regiment.

J. W. Frank, company E, 3rd regiment.

Samuel Grodrey, company E, i5th regiment.

J. G. Haltewanger, company C, 2oth regiment.


E. W. Snider, Texas.

Josiah N. Martin, Louisiana.

William Vicker, Baltimore, Md.

J. Smith, Maryland.

P. M. Koonce, Tennessee.

Thomas P. Grey, Rockbridge artillery.

Moses Jenkins, company B, 8th artillery.

Godfrey Estlow, company K, 6th artillery.

D. O. Rawhn, 8th Louisiana artillery.

John L. Moise, company H, lyth artillery.

L. M. Atkins, company H, 5th artillery.

William C. Braddock, company I, 8th artillery.

C. Boatner, Phillips' Legion.

There are 112 graves unknown.