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856 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Chairman Samuel E. Lewis, M. D., of the District of Columbia, commander of the camp.

Major E. Willoughby Anderson, of Virginia, first lieutenant com- mander.

Major Henry M. Marchant, of Texas, second lieutenant com- mander.

Captain William Broun, of Virginia, adjutant.

Captain John M. Hickey, of Tennessee.

Lieutenant N. C. Munroe, of Georgia.

Judge Silas Hare, of Texas.

Captain Julian G. Moore, of North Carolina.

From first to last of its work the committee of the Charles Broad- way Rouss Camp has had the sympathy, encouragement, and aid of General Marcus J. Wright, Washington, D. C., and of General Stephen D. Lee, Columbus, Miss., and the zealous and able champ- ionship of Colonel Hilary A. Herbert, of Alabama, and of General John B. Gordon, of Georgia, the commander-in-chief of the United Confederate Veterans.

Here is the list of inscriptions on the headstones of the graves of the Virginia Confederate dead, in the new Confederate section:

No. of Grave.

23. Unknown, iO3d Virginia militia, C. S. A.

37. W. H. Worley, Danville artillery, Virginia, C. S. A.

38. Corporal Winston Meredith, Jones' battery, Virginia H. A., C. S. A.

39. A. J. Mustain, company H, 2ist Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

40. Wm. Holder, company H, 24th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

77. Samuel Moorman, company K, 7th Va. cavalry, C. S. A.

78. Captain E. W. Capps, company C, i5th Virginia cavalry, C. S. A.

79. Sergeant Robert Wood, company F, igth Virginia infantry,

80. W. Hodgkins, company A, H5th Virginia militia, C. S. A. 117. J. A. Murphy, company C, lyth Virginia infantry, C. S. A. II( ^ < _ Loop, igth Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

119. Peter Moss, company B, ist Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

120. A. T. Rea, company K, I9th Virginia infantry, C. S. A. 145. T. H. Hudson, Page's battalion, Virginia artillery, C. S. A.

164. P. R. Scroggin, company B, T7th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

165. J. H. Chism, company H, 38th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

1 66. Noah Farmer, company C, 24th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

167. G. W. Hubbard, company D, 28th Va. infantry, C. S. A.