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Washington 'Light Infantry. 7

Captain Courtenay was elected Chairman of the Trustees 2oth March, 1883.

Lieutenant Wilkie died 2yth September, 1889. Mr. John L. Sheppard was elected a trustee November I2th, 1889.

Major Gilchrist resigned on account of ill health March 2d, 1900, and Major W. M. Muckenfuss was elected a trustee in his place March 2d, 1900.

Major Muckenfuss died in November, 1901, and Lieutenant H. B. Olney was elected a trustee in his place January 4th, 1902.

There are two trustees ex-officio the President, W. L. I. Veteran Association, of date 1883, Colonel C. H. Simonton, and the com- manding officer of the Corps of the latter, in succession, there have been Major A. W. Marshall, 1883; Captain Julius E. Cogs- well, 1890; Captain Frank Robson, 1902.

Details of these annual benefactions during nearly three decades are not needed, but the aggregate result will show how large a work has been quietly done. Every New Year's Day the permanent an- nuity of $30 is issued, with four coupons, payable quarterly. These sums, and the current calls for temporary assistance sickness, fun- eral expenses, c., &c. foot up, since 1875, including this fiscal year of 1903, $26,521.00. The principal of the fund is now $17,000, in 5 per cent substantial securities, yielding $850 annually for twenty years to come. The previous investments had yielded 6 per cent, and 7 per cent, interest on less capital.

I append a full roll of membership in the Charitable Association, 1 866-' 74:


WAR, 1860-1865.

Adger, J. E. Atkinson, J. A.

Burger, S. J. Burnham, E. S.

Blackwood, G. G. Bomar, R. H.

Bomar, G. W. Barbot, Julian.

Brown, S. N. Carson, J. M.

Cowperthwait, W. B. Caldwell, J. S.

Cantwell, P. H. Cross, E. F.

Cohrs, C. H. Calder, E. E.

Carter, J. W. Cudworth, A.

Douglas, Campbell. Devoe, J. H.

Edgerton, E. C. Enslow, J. A., Jr.

Greer, H. I. Greer, W. R.