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160 Southern Historical Society Papers.

money. We were then marched into the depot, where our train, in company with others, was receiving freight. Guards were placed at all entrances, and the squad, with fixed bayonets, cleared the building of loafers and citizens.

"The train left the depot at midnight, and two midshipmen, with two loaded revolvers, were placed in each car containing the government boxes, one to sleep while the other watched, in these cars also were government clerks, with several ladies, their wives, and their personal baggage. The next day we reached Danville, and on the 5th of April Admiral Semmes, with the men of the James River Squadron (the ironclads had been blown up on the night of rhe 2d) reached the point and were assigned to its defense. Midshipman Semmes was here detailed to his father's staff, and Midshipman Breckenridge accompanied his father (Secretary of War) as his personal aid. Our train stood on the track not far from the depot, and our encampment was in a grove not far from the train.

" On the Qth of April, we left Danville and reached Greensboro, N. C, about 4 P. M., the loth; then on to Charlotte. While there the money was placed in the mint and the midshipmen feasted at the leading hotels. On the i3th we were off to Chester, S. C. Here the government's specie, papers, treasury clerks and their wives, etc. , were placed in wagons lor a march across country to to the railroad at Newberry. I saw the cargo transferred to the wagons, and there were small, square boxes, which we supposed contained gold, or bullion, and kegs, resembling beer kegs, which we inferred contained silver. The train was not a long one. Mrs. Davis and child and nurse occupied a large ambulance. I do not know whether she joined us at Greensboro or Charlotte. We marched to Newberry, reaching there on the I5th of April, and the same day took cars for Abbeville. Left Abbeville with wagon train on the lyth, and reached Washington, Ga., on the igth. We went to Augusta, Ga., on the 2oth, and here the money was placed in the vaults of a bank. Some of it, I know not how much, was sold to citizens; at least men crowded around with Confederate cur- rency to get gold. On the 26th we were ordered back to Washing- ton, Ga. , the things going along with us. (It seems the 'middies had playfully dubbed the specie boxes the things.)