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Parole List of Engineer Troops. 51


Army of Northern Virginia,

SURRENDERED AT APPOMATTOX C. H., APRIL 9th, 1865. Contributed by Colonel T. M. R. TALCOTT.

The Engineer Troops attached to the Army of Northern Virginia, under the Command of General Robert E. Lee, comprised the ist Regiment of 10 companies, and two companies, "G" and <4 H," of the 2nd Regiment.

Company " K," of the ist Regiment, was on detached service with pontoon trains at Staunton river, and was therefore not sur- rendered at Appomattox.

The officers and men who were surrendered at Appomattox were as follows :

Field and Staff.

T. M. R. Talcott, Colonel Commanding; Wm. W. Blackford, Lieutenant-Colonel; Peyton Randolph, Major; Russell Murdoch, Surgeon, P. A. C. S. ; Jno. S. Conrad, Assistant Surgeon; C. W. Trueheart, Assistant Surgeon; Lewis E. Harvie, Captain and A. C. S. ; George N. Eakin, Captain and A. Q. M. ; Chapman Maupin, Second Lieutenant, Company F, and Acting Adjutant; J. D. Harris, Second Lieutenant, P. A. C. S.

Non- Commissioned Staff.

Jas. P. Cowardin, Sergeant-Major; Gervas Storrs, Hospital Stew- ard; R. F. Hyde, Q. M. Sergeant; R. A. Jones, employee in Engineer Dept.


Company "A."

J. J. Conway, Captain.

C. E. Young, Second Lieutenant.

Chas. Minor, Second Lieutenant.

Sergeants S. D. Rumbough, R. A. Wright, Chas. H. Small, Wm. S. Young, R. B. Wilson, Geo. W. Hardy, Wm. B. Wootton.