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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 207

posed a large portion of the Twelfth Alabama, were noted as foragers, and the vast majority of them suffered very little from hunger, despite frequently limited rations issued to the regiment by the commissary. Many a time I have been aroused by Dick Noble, Wesley Moore, Wat. Zachry, Jim Lester and others of my company, when we were in bivouac, before the bugle sounded for a day's march, and told that I must get up and eat some fried chicken, or assist them in eating some biscuits and honey, which I was told had been presented (?) to them by some patriotic Virginian living near by.

Company G was made up at Woodville and Paint Rock in the southwest corner of Jackson county, with several members from East Madison and North Marshall counties. They left Woodville for Richmond, Va., the 26th of June, 1861.

When the Company was re-organized at Yorktown, Captain Bibb and Lieutenants Jones and Dillard were not re-elected.

I can find no record of what became of Captain Bibb.

Lieutenant Dillard became a recruiting officer, and was killed by Union men or Tories in the winter of 1864.

Lieutenant Jones joined the Confederate forces of North Alabama and served through the war.

At the re-organization Daniel Butler was elected Captain, P. D. Ross, First Lieutenant, J. M. Hardcastle, Second Lieutenant, and Abner Hammond Jr., Second Lieuteuant.

In a few weeks Captain Butler sickened and died, and on the 3ist of May at Seven Pines Lieutenant Hammond was killed.

Early in June Lieutenant Ross was made Captain and John S. Dudley and J. M. Fletcher were elected lieutenants.

Lieutenant Dudley was killed at Chancellorsville on Saturday evening, the first day of the battle, and Lieutenant Fletcher was killed, as heretofore described, at Gettysburg.

The first man in Company G that was killed was Dr. Solomon G. Stevens. He had been transferred to the Qth Alabama as regimental surgeon, and was killed by a shell thrown in the camp near Yorktown. The next one to fall was Lieutenant Hammond at Seven Pines, and Sergt. Richard Bevil, privates George Kirk- land, Rufus Crawley, N. T. Clifton, Jefferson Atchley, Michael Hoke and Thomas Smith. Private William Middleton and Mike Swister were killed near Culpepper C. H. Thomas Rogers and Stuart were killed at South Mountain. James Posey, W. H.