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306 Southern Historical Society Papers.


In the Confederate Army Service in the Civil War From May loth, 1864, to May 2Oth, 1865.

Prepared by Ex=Cadet ROBERT L. RODGERS, Member of Company

B, Atlanta, Oa.

In May, 1864, and previous to that date, the Georgia Military Institute, at Marietta, Ga., was composed of the various profes- sors and cadets. They were interested in the prospect of soon being ordered "to the front," and the old "G. M. I." campus was an interesting scene of active preparations of the boys to go to war. About the first of May studies were practically abandoned, in the contemplation of active duties in the field. At that time the faculty of the institute was composed of splendid professors, distinguished as educators, namely:

General Frank W. Capers, as Superintendent and Instructor in Military Tactics and Engineering.

Captain James S. Austin, Commandant of Cadets and Professor of English Literature.

Captain Victor E. Manget, Professor of French.

Captain John M. Richardson, Professor of Higher Mathe- matics.

Captain Paul Eve, Professor of Mathematics and English Branches.

Rev. John W. Baker, Chaplain of the Institute, and Professor of Belle Lettres.

Dr. E. J. Setze, Physician and Surgeon G. M. I.

Major Dobbs, Quartermaster and Commissary. About the first of May, 1864, orders were received for the bat- talion to prepare for active service. Equipments of army guns and accoutrements, knacksacks, haversacks and canteens were received and issued to the cadets. They were intensely interested in these preparatory events. The battalion was divided into two companies in the duties at the Institute, Company A and Com- v>any B, composed of boys 16 to 18 years of age, and in the same ..ay they entered the army service.