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Prison Reminiscenses. 51

surrendered at Appomattox their arms but not their honor. They were heroes but they were not conscious of it. They were un- conscious of their fame and glory. These were they of whom the world was to declare they made defeat as illustrious as victory. When I came in sight of my brother's home, I saw that his woods near the road were on fire, and that persons were en- gaged in fighting the fire. I saw that my brother was among them. I jumped off my horse, broke off the top of a bush, and approaching my brother from behind I commenced fighting the fire a short distance from him, turning my back on him. I had been thus engaged for some time, unobserved, and without a word, when I heard, suddenly, the cry : "Brother ! My Brother !" I was in his arms and he in mine, and we wept wept tears of affection and joy at meeting, and wept tears of sorrow over our lost country. All was over.