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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Vincent, Richard, private, wounded at Spotsylvania (dead).

Walker, James H., private, wounded and disabled at first and September 19, 1864 (living). Manassas; then a minister of the gospel (dead).

Wharton, Walton G., sergeant, a Mexican War veteran; went to artillery (dead).

Williams, David R.

Walters, John W., orderly sergeant, wounded May 6, 1864.

James Dickerson (colored), the officers' cook (living).

The following soldiers were from Albemarle County, Va., who joined Company D, 49th Virginia Regiment, at Harrisonburg, Va., October 25, 1864, and were brave and dutiful men, and fought February 6th at Hatcher's Run and the 25th of March, 1865, at Fort Steadman, in front of Petersburg, Va.

Abell, Caleb, private, captured on retreat to Appomattox (dead).

Burnley, Horace B., private, captured at Fort Steadman (dead).

Brown, J. Mannis, private, surrendered at Appomattox (dead).

Bailey, John, private, captured (dead).

Coleman, James T., private, killed at Hatcher's Run, 1864.

Catterton, George Newton, orderly sergeant, wounded and captured at Fort Steadman.

Catterton, Elijah N., captured at Fort Steadman (dead).

Chapman, N. T. (Bose).

Carr, James, captured on retreat.

Coles, Thomas S., sick and died in a Petersburg hospital.

Farley, Jerry A.

Elliott, M. D., captured at Fort Steadman (living).

Fry, J. N.

Harris, James O., sergeant, surrendered at Appomattox (dead).

Harris, Henry, captured at Fort Steadman.

Hurt, Morris, captured on retreat to Appomattox (dead).

Hill, Joseph, captured (dead).

Jarman, J. L. (living).

Kirby, J. S., wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Kirby, Edward, captured.

Maupin, Gabriel, captured.

Mayo, William P., captured.

Moore, Shepherd, captured.