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Mississippi Troops who Served in Virginia.

short time in West Virginia, under General John B. Floyd, but was transferred to the Southern Department early in the war.

All the above information was furnished by Captain J. C. McNeily, editor of the Vicksburg Herald.

The only regimental commanders I am sure of, were those of the 2nd Mississippi Battalion, afterwards the 48th Mississippi, to-wit: Lieutenant-Colonel Taylor (a nephew of President Zachary Taylor), killed at Frazer's Farm; Major Wilson, killed at Sharpsburg, Md.; Lieutenant-Colonel Thos. B. Manlove, who survived the war, now dead, and Colonel Jos. M. Jayne. He was promoted Brigadier General just before the conclusion of the war, which he survived; now dead. The last two were wounded several times.

Thomas M. Folkes,

Of the 48th Mississippi Regiment (who served in Virginia from the battle of Williamsburg to the surrender at Appomattox Court House.