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Southern Historical Society Papers.

The stand is octagon in shape and of very handsome appearance. It is an iron pagoda, the corruscated roof supported by eight iron columns resting upon a concrete base eighteen feet in diameter and four feet high; the floor of the base enclosed by a neat iron railing. Steps of granolith, with iron railing, lead up to the floor. The concrete is of a bluish tinge, and the memorial tablet, inserted in its front, is made of Kentucky blue-stone, to correspond. This tablet is 7 feet 8 inches long by 1 foot 8 inches wide, and bears the following inscription:

"Erected by the L. M. A.,
In memory of Petersburg's Soldiers
Who Fell in Battle,

The tablet is the work of Burns and Campbell, of this city, the concrete base is the work of Perkinson & Finn, of Petersburg and cost $300. The iron pagoda was furnished by the Champion Iron Company, of Kenton, Ohio, and cost $500.

The Ladies' Memorial Association has spent recently about $2,500 in the improvement of Memorial Hill, most of this money having been appropriated by the State. The surface of the hill is as smooth and green as a well kept lawn. All through its grounds, running in different directions, are granolithic walkways, and around its boundaries has been planted a hedge of California privet or box, whose beauty will be seen later. Under the wise expenditure of this money there has been a wonderful improvement, marked by taste and beauty.

The exercises at the cemetery were concluded by the reading of a poem, composed by Fred A. Campbell, of Oakland, Cal., and dedicated to the Ladies' Memorial Association of Petersburg; the singing of the doxology and the benediction, pronounced by Rev. Dr. J. M. Pilcher, chaplain of A. P. Hill Camp.

The pagoda stand is a beautiful work of art and a worthy memorial in itself. It is much admired by all who see it. Business was generally closed this afternoon during the hour of the exercises.