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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Mr. St. George T. C. Bryan spoke of the difficulty of securing a foundation on the lot offered by the Memorial Literary Society, stating that "It is on a hillside overlooking the railroad and manufacturing hollow of the city. All of these hills have a tendency to slide, and it would require the most careful engineering and expensive work to insure permanent foundations, even were the building located on the central school lot."

Lieutenant-Governor J. Taylor Ellyson, president of the Confederate Memorial Association Trustees of the Battle Abbey fund, told of the formation and work of that association, and reported the fund for the erection of the building as now in hand. He reminded the camp that it was the women of the Confederate Memorial Literary Society who had pushed to conclusion the move to insure the erection of the Abbey by making a municipal appropriation of $50,000.

Judge Geo. L. Christian and Lieutenant-Governor Ellyson, as members of the Battle Abbey Board of Trustees, were upon their request, excused from voting.—Ed.